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Meeting the needs of Performance Marketing both physically and digitally.

All brand and product promotional activities offered at Squarekaps are geared to helping you and your business reach new people, drive purchase intent and achieve measurable business results through data-informed tactics.
Clients can embrace a complete service offering via a retainer or dip in and out of specialist marketing services.
  • Market Analysis
    Understand your market; know where to find them, how, when and through which media channels to communicate with them and what they want to hear. Services include: ☑ database profiling ☑ segmentation planning ☑ geo demographic market opportunity ☑ heat mapping ☑ localised market sizing
  • Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategy
    I long ago moved away from media channel strategies in silo to fully integrated campaign strategies based on your objectives. I plan your integrated communication strategy, figure out every consumer touch point and pinpoint how to raise awareness and drive conversion at every stage of your sales opportunity. Appreciate what makes commercial sense and where marketing investment will provide the best return. Services include: ☑ producing your marketing strategy ☑ business generation forecasting ☑ media planning ☑ marketing budget preparation
  • Marketing Campaign Management
    Build on your brand credentials with superb, engaging creative and smart use of media channels that will connect with your perfect customer. Educate and entice existing, new and lapsed prospects with a strong brand proposition and clear purchase path. Everything taken care of for you, from managing media channel buying to directing creative and the production of consistent brand communications across every consumer touch point. Services include: ☑ Planning and managing the delivery of your entire marketing landscape, physically and digitally. From brand development and web site management to search, social media and traditional advertising. Campaigns receive real time data analyse to inform refinement of creative and media placement based on performance.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Delivery
    Internet traffic and visitor analysis identifies quick wins; as new digital response channels thrive; I’ll optimise your consumer’s behaviour and challenge your competitor environment. Develop digital campaigns that deliver a measurable response, improve ROI while informing your business on future digital marketing requirements and gathering vital prospect data. Services include: ☑ website visitor analysis ☑ sourcing and managing the appropriate level of SEO, PPC, CRM ☑ display advertising ☑ retargeting and paid social media outreach for your business ☑ using strategies that will develop an effective sales funnel for your E-mail marketing.
  • Website Design & Commercial Optimisation
    Leverage data in smarter ways to ensure you tell a relevant story to each user; examine existing site content, page bounce rates, exit pages, forms and landing pages. Manage your expectations while working to a time frame and budget that fits your business. Establish key landing pages and user journeys and vitally conversion tipping points. Plan how best to deliver an optimum site to improve your user’s experience and enable more efficiency from referral media. Services include: ☑ web site audit ☑ optimisation plan ☑ selection/management of development team
  • Social Media Advertising
    There are so many ways a company’s business growth strategy can knit social media advertising into its sales initiatives rather than have ‘social’ exposed and standing alone. Plugging away at organic social media posts or worse running ad spend with no automated follow up is simply a waste of your time and investment. Each of my client’s needs and resources are unique so I work with them to create an automated sales funnel that will convert first click interest into a trusted relationship with interactions that lead to sales. Services include: ☑ Facebook & Instagram Ads Creation and Management ☑ targeting and creation of audiences ☑ mapping out and building a lead generation funnel ☑ reporting ☑ analysis and optimisation
  • Sales Tracking, Business Analysis & Reporting"
    Know what’s working and what’s not, explore where, why and how your business is building and ensure you replicate the good stuff whilst limiting any sales/marketing wastage. Identify your sales strengths and where there’s headroom for further opportunity. Services include: ☑ media response analysis ☑ sales force measurement and targeting ☑ board report preparation and presentation
Market Analysis
Marketing strategy
Campaign Management
Digital Marketing
Website design
Social Media
Sals Tracking
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